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Our Mission

To simplify and support the clinical and research computing needs of the faculty and staff in the Department of Medicine in a diverse, decentralized IT environment.


IOS 8 / iPhone 6

We had a few people test the upgrade to IOS 8 and it seems to work. If you try it, let us know how it goes. An iPhone 6 should also work, but has not been tested.

**updated** Managed Print Services Vendor Change to LaserLine

You may now call Laserline for any printers that have a LaserLine label for any issues and/or toner. Pro-active monitoring is not quite ready yet so please call for the time being. We will let you know when pro-active monitoring is in effect.

Alternate Emergency Communication Methods

If normal communication methods are not available, we will communicate through our Twitter Account and our Google web-page Please consider following us on twitter and bookmarking our Google web-page to ensure you can receive important updates from us in the event of a disaster/major outage.

GroupWise Client@Home

We have received many reports of the GroupWise client working slowly or locking up when used at home. We do not know what is causing the problem. As a result we can no longer recommend using the GroupWise client at home in "online" mode. We recommend using GroupWisse Webaccess as it works very well. If you require the client at home, we will provide instructions for using it in 'caching mode' which works very well. To learn how caching mode works and what it means, please click here. If you would like to try caching mode, please submit an "incident ticket" with us.

New Method To Connect to GroupWise/Med-Remote from the VA

A connection has been put in place that allows a direct connection to med-remote. There is no longer a need to connect through Citrix first. If you have any questions please contact Ed Heiger.

Windows 8.1 Support

We now support Windows 8.1 for home computers and laptops that DO NOT NEED access to clinical applications natively. (IDX and EPIC are supported through med-remote)We've only performed limited testing so there is a chance for incompatiblities. As a result, if you choose a laptop with Windows 8.1, issues could still arise.

Major Support Changes

Effective 1/2/14, all users will have the following support options available to them:

Important Password Changes