IT Alerts

Our Mission

To simplify and support the clinical and research computing needs of the faculty and staff in the Department of Medicine in a diverse, decentralized IT environment.


New Mobile Policy Changes

Please make sure you have installed "Lookout" on ios devices and "Avast" on android device by Wed 5/12. All android devices must be encrypted by Thursday 5/20. See the e-mails from Ed Heiger for all the details. If you need help please enter an incident ticket using Service Desk icon to the left.

Filr Has Replaced Netstorage

Filr has replace Netstorage to remotely gain access to the H and I drives from a web-browser. Click the H and I drives icon to the left to login. We recommend searching the "Self-Help" area of our Service Desk on "filr" for articles to get you started. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ed Heiger. (You may need to refresh your browser to see the new icon/link.) You can also click here to login.

Do Not Turn Your Computer Off!

We apply patches, upgrade software and run malware/virus scans in the evening to minimize impacts during the day. When you leave for the day, you must RESTART your computer and turn off your monitor. This will ensure your computer is as up-to-date and protected as possible—it is also our policy. (It is acceptable to lock the computer if needed, but it's not recommended.)

Help Yourself!

Just a reminder to try the 'Self Help' area of our Service Desk to look for solutions to common problems. When you are entering a ticket with us, articles will be recommended from Self Help to possibly negate the need to enter a ticket.

Sensitive Data - PII/PHI etc.

A friendly reminder that any sensitive data that meets the definition of PII/PHI must be stored only on univesity owned servers.

GroupWise Client@Home

We have received many reports of the GroupWise client working slowly or locking up when used at home. We do not know what is causing the problem. As a result we can no longer recommend using the GroupWise client at home in "online" mode which is the default. For most users we recommend using GroupWise Webaccess as it works very well. If you use the GroupWise client at home, please review this article in our 'Self Help' area of Service Desk to setup "caching mode" which should work well.

Android and iPhone GroupWise Instructions (Prior authorization required)

If you have already been approved to connect your mobile device to GroupWise, the instructions for setting this up yourself can be found in our 'Self Help' area of our Service Desk. Login by clicking the Service Desk icon to the left, navigate to the 'Self Help" tab and search for Andriod or iPhone and click on the appropriate article.


Just a reminder to review our policies periodically to ensure you are familiar with them.

Alternate Emergency Communication Methods

If normal communication methods are not available, we will communicate through our Twitter Account and our Google web-page Please consider following us on twitter and bookmarking our Google web-page to ensure you can receive important updates from us in the event of a disaster/major outage.