IT Alerts

Our Mission

To simplify and support the clinical and research computing needs of the faculty and staff in the Department of Medicine in a diverse, decentralized IT environment.


Self Service Password Portal

As we transition to a new Self-Service Password Portal we have taken down the link to the old site. In the mean time if you need to change your password please contact us directly by entering a ticket.

New FPI/SOM Secure E-mail Policy

A new Email Security Polciy FPI/SOM was recently approved by both the FPI Board and SOM ITAAC.  This policy requires all emails that contain sensitive information (SSN, Credit Card or other account information, usernames and passwords, etc.) to be encrypted. Click here for more info and click here to visit the FPI/SOM Information Security web-site for links to the policy and tuturials on how it works.

Windows 10

Do not attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 on any work computers. We do have plans to upgrade to Windows 10 in 2016 but we are not ready at this time. At home, Windows 10 should be work for our web-based apps and remote access solutions. If you have any questions please contact us.

Alternate Emergency Communication Methods

If normal communication methods are not available, we will communicate through our Twitter Account and our Google web-page Please consider following us on twitter and bookmarking our Google web-page to ensure you can receive important updates from us in the event of a disaster/major outage.